Send Ozone to Worlds!

The talented, committed, and hard working women of Ozone crushed it at Nationals this year earning a bid to Worlds in July 2018! Worlds is very expensive – $400 fee paid by each player, $1,500+ per team, hotels, travel. But, it’s a priceless experience that so few get the opportunity to have. To help support Ozone get to worlds we’ll be hosting a goaltimate tournament on Dec 30th at 10am at Walker Park in Atlanta Ga.

We are planning to have 16 coed teams (2:2 format, roster of 6 or 8), total 100-130 players. Each team will play 4 games from 10am to 4pm. 8 teams will get a fifth game. You can sign up individually as a free agent, as female/male pair, or as a 2F:2M Pod.  The tournament director will assign players to teams before the tournament.

Adult beverages will be available. Food will be for sales. Note: Walker park does not have bathrooms.

Pups welcome but must be leashed at all times per park rules. Please keep them off the playing field.

TD: John Boezi  (jboezi.iii  at gmail)


 Can’t play? You can still donate!

Step 1 :Registration

Step 2: Submit payment to complete registration


Pod sign up (2F:2Mplayers only): $140 donation


Female/Male Pair sign up:  $70 donation

Individual sign up:  $35 donation


 Donate to Ozone: Any amount