Winston Cup Champions!!!

Bang! WCC Aug 6-7, 2011 – Champs!!

Another scorching weekend, ladies. and this time we came out on top! 15-12 over Phoenix in the finals.

Ramblewood has really nice fields. 13 team format w/ us in the pool of 6. Went into semis 5-0 (finished out our pool Sunday am vs 2nd seed in our pool, Hot Metal from Pittsburgh). Put a beat down on Green Means Go (philly) in the first half, but allowed them to have a mini comeback in the second half. Still able to close out before the other semi (Phoenix vs Hot Metal) finished.

Intense Finals. We had some sweet hucks, great Ds and handblocks, pretty good redzone percentage, and ended the game w/ a few breaks. Both teams had strugglebox moments on offense, but that’s the way these things go. Phoenix played a little zone, a little junk, and some straight up marks. We mixed it up on D quite a bit as well – trying to work out some zone logistics. Testing out the waters, seeing how our opponents respond to things, gathering data, playing hard. That said, it’s totes awes to come out w/ a tournament win.

Good b-day present for Angela and Diesel. (as if the Olive Garden dinner and cake plus post dinner never have I ever weren’t big enough gifts).

Thanks to Phoenix for hosting us, and great game yall.