Watch out 2017, Ozone is comin’

The 2017 Club season is approaching and we’re excited to play with all of the amazing women of Atlanta and surrounding areas!! Here are some dates to mark your calendars:

*Saturday 04/08/2017- Club Kickoff at Georgia soccer park (GSP) in the AM
*Sunday 04/09/2017- Combined open tryouts with Atlanta Outbreak at GSP in the AM
*Saturday 04/15/2017 Closed tryout #1 location TBD
*Saturday 04/29/2017 Closed tryout #2 location TBD
*Sunday 04/30/2017 Closed tryout #3 and AWU tailgate afterwards for High school women’s finals game at Grady Stadium!

Event details and sign ups to be announced soon, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for current information.

Video Credit to FulcrumPro