Terminus 2013 Recap

Hey fans!

Thanks to all of you who came out to the Pro-Elite Flight Challenge / Terminus July 20-21 to support us!

We put on quite a dominant run in pool play via team effort and focus to put together solid performances leading to wins vs. NC Phoenix (13-3), Vancouver Traffic (13-6), Portland Schwa (9-2, lighting cancellation ended Saturday very early), CO Molly Brown (13-6), and Boston Brute Squad (13-8, streamed on UltiWorld Sunday, hopefully available for download soon). D team stepped up, maintained tight physical D, tried some less practiced stuff, aired it out on offense. O team was composed, cut dynamically, made some serious offense happen, played some intense defense when needed.

Finals vs Chicago Nemesis, who were also undefeated in the other pool though with much tighter games, happened at 2p in the Sunday heat/humidity. We broke them for the first point of the game. Then lots of point trading. Half at 7-5 us – I believe with us scoring a break to take half. Receiving to open the 2nd half, but got broken, 7-6. More point trading to 11-9. They scored their O point to make it 11-10, then scored 3 breaks in a row to win 11-13. A tough home turf loss that will keep stinging for a bit. But it was an exciting one with a bunch of great plays and connections, intense physical D, and lots of good info gathering for us here in the early/mid season. Nemesis seemed to make a few key adjustments in the 2nd half to put a bit more pressure on our handlers while at the same time taking advantage of their core personnel strengths to¬†use handler motion,¬†tighten up D team O, get breaks. Congrats, and see y’all next time.