Southeast Regionals Recap

Southeast Regionals 2012 :: Orlando, FL :: Sept 29-30 :: 8 womens teams.

Saturday:  We came out pretty strong in our first game against a scrappy group of FL ladies, Tabby Rosa, winning 15-4. Second game vs Ember from NC: 15-0. Third pool game vs a familiar team from our Section, DeSoto of Nashville, who are athletic and love to score deep: 15-8.

Then we moved over to the “real fields” – the main fieldsite that only our pool of 4 womens teams hadn’t yet set foot.

Our semi got started early b/c of field availability. Sweet T. They’ve still got it. =) but we came out on top 15-7.

Someone walked by and told us Phoenix was down to Tabby Rosa 5-1 in their semi, so a bunch of us walked on over. It was 7-5 Tabby when we arrived. Weird goal line turn for Phx was one of the first things I saw. But Tabby soon turned it due to solid Phx D, and Phx scored to make it 7-6. In one of the subsequent points, Phx’s Claire Chastain got a huge layout block on an in cut – we on the sidelines saw it coming from a mile away, so I’m surprised the thrower let it loose. Nevertheless, impressive block that soon led to Phx taking half. Most of Ozone walked away at half. Phx won handily in the end 15-8.

Sunday: Finals.

Wow. what to say about this Finals game vs Phoenix. One of the most efficient games either team has played this season – no question about this. For the first half, our O team scored with very little problems. On the flip side, so did theirs. I think we can safely give props to O lines for taking care of business AND say that both teams’ Ds were unable to put enough pressure on O. No first half breaks; 2 turns per team. Phx started on O, halftime score 8-7 them.

Second half saw us get the first break -> 10-9 us. In the subsequent point, D team got the disc for us, worked it to redzone, but couldn’t quite convert, and Phx was able to score to tie it up 10-10. Phx D team came down strong on our O in the following point, got themselves a break opportunity, and converted to take their first break of the game -> 11-10 them. We unfortunately had an deep shot turn next point, leading to another break for Phx -> 12-10 them. The rest of the game went to serve, final score 15-13 Phoenix, the 2012 Southeastern Region Champs.

This set us up to play the game to go shortly thereafter. Against DeSoto. They came out fired up. We came out in a state of trying to mentally recovery, trying to move forward after losing a big game. We took half, don’t remember the score, but close… 8-6 or so. Second half saw us go up a few, then saw them surge back with a few breaks in a row to tie it at 11s. We rattled off a few points in a row to take the game 14-11, ending with a break inspired by a huge Puppy handblock. I won’t say it wasn’t scary there for a minute. DeSoto really fought hard for the right to continue their season in Sarasota. As it should be – hats off to them.

Ok. So. I know this is a very tardy recap. But. Sarasota-bound, and excited for it!