Ozone Roster 2016

We are so excited to announce the Ozone 2016 roster!  We’ve got some excellent new talent playing with us this year and we can’t wait to see what happens!


Coach:  Returning for his 4th Ozone season as our coach is the one and only Goodie!  We love him, we hate him (when he makes us run sprints), but mostly we just love him.  Happy to have this master of disguises back for another year!



Meg aka Moo

This is Meg’s first year captaining Ozone.  Fun fact- she was originally a gymnast (who had never played a team sport before college) and it’s pretty obvious by how gracefully she flies toward the disc. She’s got mad ups and insane bids. When she’s not treating total knees, she’s probably just walking around. Seriously, that’s what she does with her free time. A proud member of team fatty and YOA. MOOOOOO.

IMG_4064 10929044_886202834744125_6495843287695777748_o

Emily aka Puppy aka Diesel

Emily is back for her second year as captain. Emily has been playing ultimate since high school, shockingly she didn’t go to Paideia (who knew other schools had ulti though?) Emily is finishing her last year of PT School. When she’s not down in Warm Springs or leading our team to victory, she’s probably grabbing a quick nap in her crate or eating a carrot.

12400989_3099821970816_1741888929703550311_n 10945648_886202981410777_6047737772121849243_n


Lane aka Lame

Lane has got your back.  She has the NPR app and will always be the first to wake you up and let you know when/if the world is ending.  She loves carrots, and of course, Pizza (with a capital P).  Lane might rerook this year, but it’s not because she isn’t a boss on the field.  She gets huge in the air and can rip bombs just as well.  She’s also got some killer sideline cheers…

Lane 1 Lane 3

Cate aka Goose aka Sasha Fierce

HONK! That means the Goose is loose. You might find her out on the dance floor at Star Bar on Tuesday nights. Girls got moves on and off the field. Member of the handler posse and the BeyHive. Be on the look out for her to be rocking an Ivy Park leotard real soon. “I can see your halo..HALOOOOO”

Goose1 Goose3

Haley aka Billy aka Haley the Piece (sometimes it’s a Chunk because it was more than a piece) Reese

Haley’s got the magic touch. Huge throws, huge D’s and huge pulls. Have you seen her pulls? They are unreal. She’s probably practicing them right now. She’s super calm on the field and well nothing really changes off the field either. The ultimate teammate (see what we did there?), Haley is always taking care of her teammates and providing fun heckling commentary!

Haley1 Nationals_2014_CUS_20141016_115923_0565-(ZF-6057-31250-1-014)

Hannah Leathers aka Heather

Have you seen her Callahan video? Log off right now and go watch it (again and again). One of the most explosive players in the game. And she’s only been playing since her Sophomore year of college. She was on the first year of the All-Star Tour. If you thought her ultimate career was impressive, you need to see her art! Girl’s got some skills.

Hannah1 Nationals_2014_ARF_Thurs_Ozone_Rd1-040-(ZF-6057-31250-1-005)

Jin-Mi aka Cricket aka Flash

From Nashville to ATL. Jin-Mi recently graduated from Vandy and is now trying to be a permanent resident in Georgia. Back for her second year, Jin-Mi looking for another dominating season.  We call her Flash because you can’t miss her when she cuts for you (unless you’re guarding her) with those hands high in the sky.  Jin-Mi enjoys grocery shopping and being punctual.


Jimmy3 Jimmy1

Kate Hines aka Sauce aka Mutt aka Kadiddletot

Kate Hines currently leads the team in nicknames. If you don’t see her at a tournament, she’s probably just at the Jason Alden concert. Kate is a woman of few words but when she does speak..talk about motivating! “Where’s the fire?” and “Don’t let them get your goat!” are just a few of Kate’s wise words. Sauce can be summed up in one simple equation: idiot x genius divided by Einstein equals Kate Hines.  Not to mention, have you seen her hair?? #onfleek

Hines2 Hines4

Caroline aka Lina aka Late Night

Late Night Lina. Girl’s got her own chant. Rumor has it she gave up basketball for ultimate because you couldn’t score in the wrong endzone. During the day, Lina is very laid back. She’s either chilling with her cat (who she loves) or going grocery shopping (which she also loves). Once the moon comes out though..watch out. It’s Late Night Lina Time.

10974571_10206176176192855_806350316624515753_o 12314137_10156309366760331_5556578033190553152_n

Paige aka Lil Bit

She’s probably the most lit player on this roster. Paige is always down for fun. She’s a member of the party posse. She was recently given the position ATTCOTTP (assistant to the captain of the party posse). When’s she not out with the party posse, she’s enjoying a chill night in. She’s probably watching the Bachelorette while having a few drinks, sin pene of course.

10828105_886203608077381_6037927994547278797_o 10620198_10153265309869416_7805587524804505731_o

Mira Justice Walker

The pride of Floyd County. Team USA. Mira is not only reppin Ozone at Worlds this Summer, but also the entire Southeast.  It’s no surprise she made the squad. She’s either running a sprint workout or lifting in her home gym. When’s she not working out, she’s probably dancing, or biking, or hanging out with Kevlove and the pups or playing dress up (refer to pic below). USA USA USA.

10924721_886202854744123_8650441330748630196_n 901663_10151649909321750_1899026425_o (2)

Sam aka Samwise

Holy Bejebus Batman Samatha Grace is back! Another member of the handler posse, Sam takes care of business on and off the field. She’s got the spreadsheets on lock. Between coaching, managing team funds, taking care of her dogs and cat, trying to sell a house, and working, how does she even have time to play? Maybe she’s superwoman or maybe she’s just Samwise.

10464396_10102338291786405_8909124364457926700_n 1512143_10208735363203684_6987299452745933611_o

Sophie aka The Darch Horse

Do people still call her that? She spent some time on the West Coast where she won a few championships or something cool..but now she’s back in the A! Another member of the handler posse, Sophie has all the throws.  #dontletSophiethrowitoveryou Off the field she’s probably chilling at the lake #lakelife. Team Fatty member and she puts up with Lane..how does she do it?

12696995_10205837675127868_7670351153532860460_o 1907889_10152447939240986_1049015119717635089_n

Leah aka Token Lefty

Leah Tsinnnnimmaajeenia. Nailed it. Our token lefty this year, watch out for some sick throws from this one. She’s not afraid to huck it deep or layout on D. All while looking boom AF in a skirt. Leah’s fun fact: NSFW. Handler posse member that’s always down for a puppy video (who isn’t?).

11024736_10153233588347053_7693157624780079712_n 12622328_10205837667967689_6108831487224128426_o


Where in the world is Katherine Wooten these days? Wootie has been putting her passport to work and traveling the world. We’re all super jealous (admit it, you are too). Wootie is our last returning member of the handler posse. Her presence on the field is huge. Big throws and even bigger plays on D. Glad to have her back for another season! More Wootie, more Bootie!

10872960_886202414744167_6528431517448989163_o 981386_10152045217165205_3805467718304915134_o

Marissa aka Mars aka Swarm Sister

A diva is a female version of a hustler. It’s also the only way to define Marissa. She’s lightning quick on the field so good luck keeping up with her. Another member of the BeyHive, she’s probably listening to Lemonade right now. She slays..enough said.

323682_10151323130889834_1136407042_o 526462_4945194463904_445118736_n


India Stubbs aka India

India is a late addition to our handler posse, coming back to us from Harvard! She’s returning to her native land of Atlanta where she previously played with Ozone some years ago and grew up playing with Paideia.  Welcome home India- we are thrilled to have you back!

[picture to come]

Shanye Crawford aka Shug aka Seniorita Shug

Shanye is rerooking this year after taking a break in 2010 and playing with Bucket before hurting her achilles.  Can’t stop, won’t stop!  She is back now and you better watch out for her quick-step both on the field and the dance floor.

IMG_1167 IMG_4902

Ashley Brown aka Downtown Brown

What’s that smell?? It could be Ashley because she’s been crushing the frisbee scene in Atlanta. She’s been getting major playing time for both Georgia Tech and Outbreak!  She can twerk both on and off the field and we are excited to add her to our handler posse.

ashley1 ashley2

Kristin Lloyd

Kristin Lloyd aka Puppy’s sister aka Kitty? Think about it? She is going to be making the drive up to us from Tallahassee, Florida where she has played with FSU. She recently was accepted into her doctoral program so she’s going to be in school forever. She’s here to bring some talent to our handler posse and our party posse. Ladiessssssss!!!

klloyd3 Klloyd 2

Evelina Pierce aka Ev aka Covergirl

Coming to us from Asheville, we stole Evelina away from mixed. Sorry Cahoots! She is crafty on and off the field (she literally makes crafts) and is a huge D machine!  In her spare time she likes to find swimming holes and, fun fact, her beautiful face has graced the cover of a covergirl magazine #celebstatus


Kristina Chambers aka Chamber of Secrets

Kristina is a rookie cutter for us this year, but she put in some time playing with us as a practice player in 2015, so she knows what’s up.  This girl is always on the fly.  The second she catches it she’s already dished and gone… probably to go study because she’s in Med school at Emory.

KristinaC 3 kristina C 4

Sammie Daugherty

Because 2 Sams are better than one! Sam has been dominating the college game recently, helping lead Kennesaw to their first ever Regionals appearance. She also played a major role on Outbreak last year. Athlete. The only way to describe Sammie. Oh and sassy AF.

12828475_10208735388964328_1884147311006281930_o 13119937_1219193831425982_2572606489561883043_o

Sierra Rimmer

Sierra didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose her. Straight out of Knoxville, Tennessee, Sierra is another addition to the handler posse. New to the Atlanta ultimate scene, look out for Sierra to make some noise this season.

13246290_975933149186771_917700157706146035_o 1450945_932543393444891_6337858600125364230_n

Anraya Palmer aka Napalm aka Swarm Sister
She’s a rookie handler who is as excited to play with us as we are to have her.  She’s played with the Hodawgs as well as Atlanta’s Outbreak and her skills are as sleek as her hair.  She has all the hashtags and is ready to GET IN FORMATION on and off the field.


anraya1 anraya2