Ozone 2017 Roster


Emily Lloyd (captain)
Haley Reese (captain)
Paige Carver
Shanye Crawford
Sophie Darch
Sam Daugherty
Kayla Emrick
Katie Franchot
Meg Harris
Marissa Hicks
Kate Hines
Jin-Mi Matsunaga
Anraya Palmer
Marie Perivier
Lily Ponitz
Paula Seville
Lane Siedor
Allison Snow
Sam Stovall
India Stubbs
Kate Travaglini
Leah Tsinajinnie
Mira Walker
Cate Woodhurst
Katherine Wooten

Ozone Love!

Meet The Team:

2017 Captains:


Emily Lloyd AKA Puppy, Dr. Puppy, Diesel

  • 3rd year captaining Ozone
  •  7th year on Ozone
  • Currently coaching the YCC Women’s team, Catlanta, and previously coached this team in 2014.  Coached Grady HS Women’s team (2014 &2015) with current co-captain, Haley!
  • Previously played for Atlanta Rival and UGA’s Hodawgs, AKA Dawgma
  • October 2016 she volunteered with La Casa Verde in Las Peñitas, Nicaragua, where she taught Ultimate Frisbee in local schools and organized projects for kids involving creating products from recycled material
  • Works at Grady Hospital as a Physical Therapists on the trauma floor
  • If she had a boat, she would name it “Li’l Sebastian”
  • Emily loves fluffy pink microphones, banana interviews, and laying out in the end-zone

Haley Reese AKA Haley the Piece Reese, Billy

  • 1st year captaining Ozone
  • 8th year playing Ozone
  • She just completed her 5th year coaching Grady HS women’s team, previously coached Georgia College Women’s team, Lynx rufus (2011), Atlanta YCC U16 boys’ team (2014), a MS/HS combo girls’ team (2014), and helped coach Grady JV boys (2013)
  • She founded and played for Lynx rufus at Georgia College
  • She is the Production Manager for Spin Ultimate
  • If she had a boat she would name it “Foam Roller”
  • Her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be a cloak of invisibility
  • Haley loves heckling, gardening, and snatching up discs thrown in her air space



Paige Carver AKA Lil’ Bit, Lil’ Lit

  • 4th year playing on Ozone
  • Previously played for Georgia College Women’s team, Lynx rufus (2013-2015) and Atlanta’s Bucket (2013)
  • If she had a boat she would name it “Beauty and the Sea”
  • When asked what her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be, she gave a long and thotful answer that ended with “double edged sword”
  • The last thing she ate was popcorn
  • Paige loves the lake, dogs, over sized sweatshirts, every day, Ozone, and playing sick, shut-down, handler-D! Everything is swell!


Shanye Crawford AKA Shug, Shuga Bear

  • 7th year playing Ozone
  • She has coached the Paideia JH and HS JV girls’ team for 2 years
  • Previously played for UGA Hodawgs, Holes and Poles, and Atlanta Bucket
  • She is a high school Spanish teacher at Paideia
  • If she had a boat she would name it “In Deep Ship”
  • Her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be Maleficent’s wings
  • Shanye loves working hard for her Os, RapChat (add her!), planets 😉 , and getting huge grabs in the air for us – Kung Fu Shug!


Sophie Darch aka Sofa, Fatlanta

  • 8th year playing Ozone
  • Previously played with Oregon and Schwa
  • She is an account manager at SalesLoft
  • If she had a boat she would name it “Pizza”
  • Her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be Pizza
  • The last thing she ate was pizza (Keep an eye on this one, Lane)
  • Sophie’s super power is being deceptively lazy, and she loves playing on the D line- so watch out for her deep Ds!


Samantha Daugherty aka Limbs, Sammie

  • 2nd year playing on Ozone
  • Previously played with KSU Strix (2014- current) and Outbreak
  • She is a nursing student at KSU
  • If she had a boat, she’d name it “The Black Pearl” … elloo poppet
  • Her Zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be a machete, although she could probably just shoot some death glares at them 😉
  • Sammie loves Rims, Mom, and Shug is the person she hates the least.  She also loves getting layout Ds, be warned!!

  (Photo cred: Go the Distance Photography)

Katie Franchot also known as the #1 dog in the AFDC’s mom

  • Katie is a ROOKIE (cutter)!!
  • Previously played with UGA Dawgma, GSU Vixen, and Bucket
  • Katie just graduated from GA State with her MPH, and is now working there as research coordinator for a clinical trial.
  • She sometimes helps lead clinics for middle schools and camps
  • She volunteers at Cafe 458 and voluntarily pet sits for her friends -good to know 😉
  • If she had a boat, she would name it “Stella’s Booty” (that would be a bouncy boat!)
  • Apparently she’s not too worried about the zombie apocalypse because her weapon of choice is a pool noodle, and there’s only one thing to do with those- Funnoodle!!!
  • Katie just ate a spring roll, loves her #1 dog, Stella, goalty, and roasting people deep!  We are so happy to have Katie’s sticky fingers on our team this year!


Kayla Emrick aka Fit B****!

  • Kayla is a ROOKIE (handler)!!
  • Previously played with the Oberlin Praying Manti (2009-2013), Notorious CLE (2011), and Heist (2013-2016)
  • She coached University of Wisconsin B (3 years), Madison YCC mixed (2 years), and this past year coached Emory’s Luna
  • Kayla is an MPH student at Emory, concentrating in Behavioral Science & Health Education.  She is currently interning at GCAPP working on their high school sex ed curricula #dreamjob AND  she also writes for UltiWorld, so go look her up!
  • The last thing she ate was a Sublime donut, but she would like it known that Revolution is better
  • Kayla loves headbands, stretching bands, and boy bands (Avett brothers)! She also loves getting those sneaky blocks on D and we are so excited to have her on our roster!


Meg Harris aka MOO, Megatron, Meeeeegan

  • This is her 5th year on Ozone
  • Meg has previously played with Florida Fuel, Emory, and Southern Revival
  • She has previously coached Emory’s Luna from 2013-2016
  • Meg is a physical therapist
  • If she had a boat she would name it “Deep Blue Moo”
  • Of course, the last thing she ate was a shrimp taco
  • Meg enjoys singing “Rise” by Katy Perry, doing balance beam performances on various flat surfaces, and FLYING through the air (see pic) for the frisbee on O and D.


Marissa Hicks aka Mars

  • This is her 3rd year on Ozone
  • Marissa previously played with Lynx Rufus at Ga College and Southern Revival
  • She was an assistant coach for the Grady High School women’s team in 2016
  • Marissa is an MPH student at Ga State studying Epidemiology and working as a GRA
  • Her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be Albus Dumbledore (spoiler alert- when he was alive, duh)
  • If she had a boat she would name it “Boat, A Box”
  • Mars loves her dog- Fang, tacos, puns, and racing down on the pull.


Kate Hines aka THOT aka THOT Sauce, THOTUS?, and Nanny Faye

  • This is her 3rd year on Ozone
  • Kate previously played with UGA’s Dawgma
  • She was a coach for UGA Dawgma in 2016
  • She works at Emory Thotspital as a coordinator for their transplant center
  • If the zombies come, she’s going to use her handy dandy flying carpet to save us all.
  • Kate plans to own lots of boats and has names picked out for all of them, but her first shall be named Thacht, and Thacht shall be its name
  • Kate loves Bojangles, hot Cheetos, walking like a savage, and stuntin’ on our opponents.

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport and outdoor 

Jin-Mi Matsunaga aka Jimmy aka Flash aka JINMIRICA (yas queen)

  • This is her 2nd year on Ozone
  • Jin-Mi has previously played with Vanderbilt VUDU (2012-16), Hairy Otter (2013), Encore (2014), and Steel (2016)
  • She previously coached for the BUYA (Birmingham Ultimate Youth Association) Spring League
  • She is a Project Engineer at an engineering consulting and project management firm in Birmingham, working primarily on transportation projects.
  • If she had a boat she’d name it Archimedes
  • Jin-Mi’s zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be hand grenades.  She isn’t getting close enough for any hand-to-hand combat- she wants maximum damage, minimal work, and at the very least a distraction to get the eff out of there (really put a lot of thot into this)
  • She does NOT do minimal work on the field, though!  Jin-Mi loves the Thong song, grocery shopping, and playing for the U24 USA mixed team!!!

Anraya Palmer aka Antraya, Bombraya, Thot’s sidekick

  • This is her 2nd year on Ozone
  • She previously played with UGA Dawgma and Atlanta’s Outbreak
  • She has coached Paideia Groove for 3 years and  YCC Catlanta, for 3 years
  • Anraya is a teacher at Thomasville Heights Elementary School.
  • If she had a boat she’d name it Thot Yacht, and she and Thot would live happily ever after on her boat, eating pizza (rolls)
  • Her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice is a sword, but more realistically a white flag, because TBH she thinks she’s the first to go
  • Anraya’s spirit animal is Fang, the dog, she loves impersonating mermaids (she’s really good), and leaving her handler space to burn unsuspecting defenders deep!!


Marie Perivier aka Young Stunna aka Murray

  • This is her 1st year on Ozone
  • She has also played on the women’s and mixed YCC teams, Catlanta and FlATLine, the U-20 Women’s Junior National Team (2016), MELD High school team, and the Lakeside Vikings open team (Go Vikings!)
  • If she had a boat, she’d name it Mayweather
  • Her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice is a big *butt* knife!  (Not sure what a butt knife is used for, but good luck!)
  • Marie’s likes include: bucket hats, and skying her defenders in the deep space. Her dislikes:  when her name is spelled wrong, and probably homework

Lily Ponitz aka Lils aka (one of several) Cat Lady

  • This is her first year on Ozone!
  • She has previously played with Georgia Tech Wreck and GRIT
  • She previously coached Georgetown University
  • Lily is a water engineer
  • If she had a boat, she’name it “Kitten Whisperer.”
  • And her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice is the machete!
  • Lily loves cats, biking, womansplaining (hell yeah), and sneaking back into the handler space to dominate the point!  Welcome rookie!!!


Paula Seville aka Palla (Balla with a P, duh)

  • This is her first year on Ozone!
  • She has previously played with Michigan, Nemesis, and Brute Squad
  • She has coached Michigan as well as a middle school league in Atlanta
  • Paula does business development for an energy and water bench-marking, building analytics, and sustainability reporting company
  • Paula doesn’t want a boat, but her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be the Lasso of Truth. Right on.
  • Paula likes long sleeve shirts, strategery, and had to google “Thot” as her first act on Ozone.  Watch out for her flawless deep shots on a dime!!


Lane Siedor aka LAME

  • This is her 8th year on Ozone!
  • Lane previously played with UGA Dawgma
  • She previously coached a YCC team and claims to occasionally volunteer.
  • Lane is a PhD student at the University of Georgia
  • If she had a boat she would name it “The Long Con”
  • Her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice is “The Office, season 4.” Ok, bye Lane.
  • Lane loves cats, talking to her cats, Pizza and pizza, NPR, and throwing AND catching long hucks, like a BOSS.

Allison Snow aka Bunny, Buns

  • This is her 10th year on Ozone!
  • She previously played with UGA
  • She loves to volunteer! She volunteers with ACFB, PAWS, Trees on Atlanta, and Next Generation Focus
  • Bunny works in finance at Home Depot.
  • Her boat would be called “Treading Water”
  • Her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice is “Wonder Woman’s everything.” Maybe she can save Lane.
  • Bunny loves her precious pup, Dany, Game of Thrones, obviously, collecting red heads, and pretending to be old and slow when really, she will burn you with 2 steps.


Samantha Stovall aka Mom, Samwise

  • This is her 5th year on Ozone
  • She has previously played with Shotgun, Rival, Southern Revival, Kennesaw Men’s Ultimate, and Kennesaw Women’s Ultimate
  • She is going on her 6th year for coaching the KSU women’s team
  • Mom is an IT consultant
  • Her Grandpa DOES have a boat, and it’s named after her, so she’d name her own boat after… herself. All aboard #Selfstar!
  • Her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice is a bow and arrow- hope she’s got some training!
  • Sam loves being a dog mom as well as a team mom, fly fishing, Sammie, and coming up with tough catches to save the day!


India Stubbs aka Dynasty, aka Country for a name aka NotAThot

  • This is her 3rd overall year on Ozone, 2nd consecutive
  • India previously played with Atlanta Rival, Atlanta Bucket, Boston Slow White, Harvard Quasar, and Atlanta Ozone!
  • She coaches Paideia Jr High and Paideia High School JV Girls and the National Ultimate Training Camp in Amherst, MA every summer.
  • She is a teacher at the Paideia School, for a kindergarten and 1st grade class.
  • If she had a boat, she’d name it “Ain’t so bad”
  • Her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be a “lazer gaze”- original!
  • India loves backpacking, all things wholesome-like gardening and chandeliers, and RIPPING backhand hucks up the line for deep shots.

Leah Tsinajinnie aka Lefty, aka Double D-uh

  • This is her 3rd year playing for Ozone
  • She has previously played for Georgia Tech Wreck and Washington D.C. Scandal
  • Does she coach? Ummm yes, for ~6years:  Grayson HS boys, 2011-2012. W.D. Muhammad HS Girls, 2013-2015, a team comprised of all African-American Muslim girls. Georgia Tech Wreck Women, 2014. Ultimate Peace Summer Camp coach, 2014-2017. Ultimate Peace Fellow, October 2016-July 2017
  • She just wrapped up her position as one of two people working with Ultimate Peace through their fellowship program in the Middle East.  She traveled around Israel and the West Bank to coach the UP values and ultimate frisbee to youth and help bring the different communities together at various UP events. She just started her 1L year at Arizona State Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law!
  • Boat name: El Tacocatle (pronounced: El TAH-coh-kuh-TEL)
  • Zombie apocalypse weapon of choice: Yondu’s whistle-responsive yaka arrow (she might need to learn to whistle before the apocalypse happens)
  • Leah loves all of the colors, her dog, Grizzly, mismatching her socks, smiling, and throwing up-wind hucks that are as smooth as buttA!

Kate Travaglini aka Noodle, Flaka, Noods

  • This is her first year on Ozone!!
  • She has previously played with University of Florida Fuel, LaYuma, Jukebox Hero, Tabby Rosa, and Phoenix
  • She coaches University of Florida Fuel
  • Kate is a physical therapist (you can never have enough on 1 team)
  • If she had a boat she’d name it “Sea-esta”  !!
  • Her (fast) zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be a Laser Blaster if they are fast zombies like 28 days later, but light saber for slow ones.  May the force be with you.
  • Noodle loves cats, matching printed socks, nicknames, and getting sick blocks on D and huge skies on O- what can’t she do?!


Mira Justice (for all) Walker aka Amiraca, Diego

  • This is her 7th year on Ozone
  • She has previously played with Bucket (2009-2010), America (2016 WUGC USA National Women’s Team)
  • She has previously coached the Grady HS women’s team, and the GSU women’s team
  • Mira is a forecasting analyst at SunTrust Bank
  • If she had a boat she’d name it “Que Linda” (no clue who Linda is)
  • Her zombie apocalypse weapon of choice would be her legs.  “just run away” she says- must be nice to be that fast.  But also, a machete should do the trick
  • Mira loves biking, mustaches, sizing up food containers, and ROASTING people in every which way direction on the field.


Cate Woodhurst aka Goose (HONK!)

  • This is her 4th year on Ozone
  • She previously played on Georgia Tech Wreck and Jolly Roger in 2013
  • She coaches the Georgia Tech Men’s B team (2 years) and the U20 Atlanta YCC boys team (2 years)
  • She also volunteers as the Atlanta Women’s Ultimate Director
  • Goose is a BIO Solution Analyst at SunTrust Bank (that’s right, she and Mira work together and we’re all  jealous)
  • Her boat would be called “Wine Time” and who wouldn’t want to be aboard that boat?
  • If the zombie’s come for Goose, the won’t know what hit them when she uses her… boomerang? on them… (girl, bye).
  • Goose loves foot blocks, spandex, twerking, and playing gritty person D with the sickest footwork you ever did see.


Katherine Wooten aka Wootie

  • She’s been here a while (15th season, WHAT?!)
  • She has previously played with UGA and Atlantiques
  • She coached UGA Dawgma for 4 seasons (2013-2016), YCC Atlanta U19 for 1 season in 2014
  • Wootie volunteers for Atlanta Community Food Bank as much as she can, and also works with/for Refuge Coffee in Clarkston as a strategy consultant, and serves on the Board of Directors at Living Room, Inc. here in Atlanta
  • She is a management consultant at North Highland, with a focus on Customer Experience Design. She helps Fortune 500 companies strategically re-imagine and improve their relationships with their customers at every stage, to create more meaningful interactions for both customers and organizations.
  • Her boat shall be named:  Boaty McBoatface, obviously
  • If the zombies come for her, she will be using a Katana/ long sword to slay at a distance.  Stay out of her no-no square, zombies.
  • Wootie loves swinging on swings, checking off her summer 2017 checklist, that one shirt that she always wears- you know the one, and putting her hucks on a silver platter for her receivers to snatch.