Ozone 2015 Roster

Hey fans! We’re excited to introduce our Nationals_2014_CUS_20141016_130244_0798-(ZF-6057-31250-1-010) (Click name to see player details)

Nickname: Goodie
Likes: Reminiscing about Chain & Bucket days, being a leprechaun, making Ozone 100% on time, ready to play; 100% Focused; giving 100% Effort
Dislikes: Looking everywhere to see nothing
, Number: 71
Nickname: A
Likes: Superman, Food — because I’m a foodie – my dog Loki, because Loki is the best pup! I like Kate. I like strategies, and thinking. Also, I’m not saying that I am Superman, but I’m just saying that nobody has ever seen me and Superman in the same room together.
Dislikes: Batman
, Number: 2
Nickname: Puppy, Diesel, and hopefully never Giselle
Likes: Powdered doughnuts, getting Ds, Giselle when she needs to come out to play, because sometimes you’ve just got to let her out…I also LOVE that Brittney Spears song “Work B**Ch” because it really pumps me up. Draining the tank.
Dislikes: white socks
usau_friday_rd3_0310_jb-56 (ZF-4747-26094-1-028)
, Number: 4
Nickname: Lurch
Likes: Peeps, Pirates, Booty, running saying “wootie wootie wootie” and Jessie, because #GingerPanther4Life.
Dislikes: Anyone who says Peeps isn’t adorable
, Number: 14
Nickname: Da Buns
Likes: Dany, Dany and oh wait, have you heard? Dany is the best. Also, margaritas. Oh, and rum. Also, I like frisbee.
Dislikes: Warmups. And anything to do with warmups.
, Number: 17
Nickname: Nubby, nubs
Likes: Catdog, Gus, Kid, break side all day, wine, arm balances, crunches, avocados #longesttryoutever
Dislikes: Eating animals, pushing on butts, Portlandia (b/c it’s true)
IMG_1020CUS_ClubNat12 (ZF-4747-26094-1-051)
, Number:
Nickname: Late nite lina. LINA. LINA! LINNNNAAAA !!!
Likes: April 25th, because it’s not too hot, and not too cold. All you need is a light jacket. Also, I love touching. Please, hug me whenever you see me. I may fight it, but I really love it deep down on the inside.
Dislikes: April 26th, because damn – it’s hot.
, Number: 26
Nickname: Goose
Likes: Twerking, The President, and your mom. Also, I have a theme song, it goes: “BA DUT DUH DAH DAH DA DA DUH DUH DA DAH DAH”
Dislikes: Small Butts
, Number: 10
Nickname: CC
Likes: Arts and crafts, making cute things, being adorable, braiding my hair because I’m awesome at it
Dislikes: Littering. Clean up, people
, Number: 35
Nickname: Flex
Likes: Lions and leopards, because duh. And food, and #rookie!
Dislikes: Gross squishy things
, Number: 32
Nickname: Hay-Billy
Likes: Flowers, gardening, and smiles. Making awesome dinners for teammates, and of course, breaking up dance circles with my power pose!
Dislikes: Mean people, because lame.
, Number: 18
Nickname: Callahannah
Likes: Laying out like a boss, smiling as I do it, and art. Lots, and lots, of art. Also, clothes, cause I have a sups cute wardrobe #pueblo
Dislikes: Attitude – don’t you throw your hips around at me, missy!
, Number:
Nickname: Jin
Likes: Running, getting blocks, pretty flowers, shiny objects, UFO’s (because they’re real) and dancing like a crazy person
Dislikes: Ugly flowers, stinky feet, light houses, Rayna Jaymes
, Number:
Nickname: Hines, Hines, Hinnney?
Likes: Camoflauge hats, being a boss, penguins and baby seals, and high heels. Oh, and this one time, on UGA, I totes skipped college sectionals to go to a Jason Aldean concert, because I like country.
Dislikes: Not throwing to the break side
, Number: 5
Nickname: Pretty
Likes: Being pretty. Winning. Any and everything PINK! And winning at being pretty in pink
Dislikes: not being pretty, duh.
, Number: 24
Nickname: Wootie
Likes: IPA’s, hucking it deep, and the flick side. Also, being awesome, because I am the definition of awesome
Dislikes: Your mom
, Number: 7
Nickname: Lame SeeTheDoor
Likes: Boys, boys, but not really, because boys, but you know, boys? #pretty #lame #hashtag #candy4breakfast
Dislikes: Duh.
, Number: 16
Nickname: Pocahontas
Likes: bright colors, people, puppies, rock climbing, tequila, laying out, her sister
Dislikes: being woken up and taking care of her things
, Number:
Nickname: Rufus
Likes: Running, running, telling Blake to not eat crap food, Fang and Popsicles! Especially the jokes on the stick…
Dislikes: Junk Food
, Number: 28
Nickname: MoooooMoooo
Likes: Justin Timberlake, dancing, being awesome, Noni’s and laying out like a bosssssssss
Dislikes: Fun Sponges
, Number: 44
Nickname: Myyyyra
Likes: Biking really far. Healthy things. Stats. My puppies because they are the best.
Dislikes: When people think they can out run me. Ha! (or just people most of the time)
, Number: 3
Nickname: Lil Bit
Likes: Margarita sin pene. I really like everything, and everything is super exciting. I am always happy, and everything is super fascinating. Things are really amazing – did you know that? I think that everyone is beautiful. I love everyone. OMG, I love Ozone. Ozone is the best. I also love GCSU. I love Kate.
, Number: 9
Nickname: TrollToll
Likes: Spelinda. my 2014 buddy because she was the best, long walks on the beach, disc golf, and smiling.
Dislikes: Anyone who steals my damn troll
, Number: 31
Nickname: Samwise
Likes: EVERYTHING IS AWESOME !!!! I am happy all of the time. I like coaching, being awesome, and also filling out spreadsheets. I like logistics. I like you. You’re awesome. Hey, did you know that?
Dislikes: Not being happy, and mean people. Don’t be mean. It’s just so not cool.
, Number:
Nickname: FatLanta
Likes: Cute animals. Drawing cute animals. Being the best, long walks with my bestie, FatLanta, being FatLanta, loving FatLanta, Ozone because its the best
Dislikes: running, because why?