Little Rock, Arkansas. We got 2nd. yeah, there’s more to say. We took care of business and met Showdown in the Finals. It was a tight game throughout. Hotly contested w/ some interesting calls both ways. SD got the first break to make it 5-6, and we traded to 7-7. In the following point, SD worked it and sent up a zinger to the endzone on the forced side where Frances made a spectacular diving catch. Discussion ensued about whether she was in bounds, and the disc went back as there was unsettled disagreement. After the disc was tapped in, Angela got a layout block on a dump pass to Katey Forth, and Ozone worked it down with good handler motion. Shell made a great catch on a pass from Kate that was a little behind, but disagreement ensued on up/down. Disc went back, more handler motion resulting in Mer scoring to take it to 8-7 Ozone for the half. Coming out on D in the second half, we had a goal line turn on a missed connection between Kate and Angela on the dump (D-ed by Katey). But managed to get it back and score the break to go up 9-7. Traded to 10-9. Then Showdown was able to capitalize on some Ozone miscues to score a couple breaks in a row to make it 10-11. Game was capped hard to 13 after we scored to tie at 11-11. At 12-12 DGP, SD turned it on a deep shot from Katey to Cara that was a little too ambitious sailing over Cara and her defender (Kate). Ozone’s disc for the win, but a bit too much jamming it up the jamhole resulted in a turn, and SD was able to convert for the win.

Disappointing, but potentially the best South Region women’s final in many many years.