Ozone takes 2nd South Region bid to Nationals!

Hey sports fans. We’re goin to Nationals! It’s angela here, and yes, I’ve been writing all these posts. This one may get a bit long, but regionals is a significant step in the journey of any team and worthy of some extra attention.

The weekend was windy. Saturday play included a really tight game vs. Top Shelf (atlanta). Our upwind pulls need work, and that significantly shortened the field for the Top Shelf ladies, who have great skills and experience. Lots of nice deep looks from both teams made for some point trading, but each team took at least one break in the first half. They took half on serve 7-6. It was 10-10 at one point. And we finally got an important late game break, then another (12-10). Took the game 13-11.

At the end of the day we huddled up and did a little refocusing for day 2. Reminding ourselves that we are continuing to ramp up. That mental prep, rest for our bodies, hydrating, taking care of ourselves makes us more pleasant individuals and more importantly for the weekend good teammates.

Sunday semis vs DeSoto (nashville). More wind Sunday morning. A thrower’s wind – strong-ish but fun to navigate. We came out strong and scored a couple upwind breaks. I think they took out their big guns early. We played some 4-person cup, both directions in the wind. They did a lot of hucking and setting. We won big.

Finals vs Showdown. The wind was still definitely a factor but had calmed a bit. There was a good bit of intensity surrounding the field, and it only grew as the crowd grew after the mens final finished up (Doublwide defeating Chain 15-10). The first half didn’t go as we’d hoped. Although in that half, I think we scored the first upwind break, but couldn’t score the corresponding downwind break. Then they broke us back after scoring their upwind O point. Showdown brought some solid physical person D that did a pretty good job of defending downfield threats as well as resets, and their cattle drive D we also struggled to adjust to.¬†Went to halftime down 3-7. We started on D the second half going upwind, and managed to get the turnover and score. Then we took the subsequent downwind break making it 5-7 and all of a sudden back in the game. We ran our offense reasonably well. Ramped up our defense. Several big layouts happened. In the end, we came up short 8-11. But a lot of great things happened w/ our team that game. We fought for it and didn’t give up. We had some shining moments, grew, and improved as the game went forward.

Top Shelf and DeSoto were playing on the next field over, w/ the winner facing the loser of our game in the game to go to nationals. Top Shelf won big, waited and watched our game to see who they’d face. I think we had about 10-15 mins betw our Finals game and the 2nd place game.

We kept up the intensity we brought in the previous game. They clearly were more tired than when we played them the day before, meaning more overthrown and inaccurate passes. We played better defense than they did. Kept the disc moving. And won the game pretty big. I think it was 13-6.

I was proud of all our rookies – they had some breakthrough performances this tournament. Some great grabs, good cuts. Our downfield cutting looked better than it’s looked all season. Handler movement looked pretty nice, too. And our vets did some solid work. Sad to see a couple of our ladies suffer injuries over the weekend. =( Psyched to make Nationals – pausing to reflect on the awesomeness of things coming together for us in a way that allows our season to continue. and ready to put in a few weeks of work to push for even more improvements.

And thanks to our friends from Showdown and Doublewide for housing and hosting us in Austin.