Ozone Retreat to the FARM.

(note the safety committee stamped it’s seal of safety approval on all weekend activities)

Last Saturday Ozone retreated into the wilderness farmland of Marietta, GA and left with all bones and limbs intact.  No woman was left behind… although we had our moments.

After a great morning practice session, lots of hard defense grittiness, 5-pull scrimmaging, and offensive strategy work we adventured off the beaten path to the farm, to a better/happier place, where we could roam carefree.

We swam in the pool with the baby alligator, bouldered the diving board, played competitive yard games, tried fishing for dinner, urban canoe-sledded, played SUPERLAME for hours and were attacked by leeches and copperhead snakes…

Team trivia brought laughter, blackmail material, and safety sleep… and new knowledge for our team talents and amazing childhood achievements.

Saturday farm shenanigans, we’ll remember you with fondness.

We feel very bonded, and teamy, and ready to rock the next couple months of the season.