April 28-29 Weekend Recap.

Fun times, Chozone. The crowd at our short exhibition game at HS States was pretty huge on Saturday, 4/28. There were some exciting moments, but if we’re contemplating going mixed with the Chain boys, we have a long way to go. =) Thanks to those who were there to watch and cheer!

Congrats to Rick Wyatt, first ever Ozone 50-50 raffle winner! Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and made donations to Ozone. It’s super appreciated!

We also had a CES workout/demo on Sunday, 4/29 – an overspeed/reaction workout. It turned heads of lots of the HS players and fans as well as soccer fans who were at GSP. Check out the CES site for more info about the training program and the EDGE post for more details about the camp being hosted by CES in partnership with Chain and Ozone.

High-level women’s scrimmage on Sunday, 4/29, was awesome! Thanks to everybody who came and made it special. Hope everyone learned a little AND had a good time competing and hanging out with each other.