Ozone 2015 season wrap-up, Part I

Ozone2015 _Reggies_Twitter2Hey fans,

I feel like I’m always playing catch-up around here. Between thinking about what’s next, working with stratcom to put together good plans to address what we need to in practice and in game, trying to stay in touch with the emotional heads of our team about what’s up there, and … right… also work. Keeping yall up to date with good timely posts here sometimes gets tough. I love doing it, but sometimes it’s not high on the priority list, and I apologize. Good thing there’s twitter =) So, here we begin a post-season wrap-up miniseries…

Part I: SE Women’s Regionals in Advance, NC, Sept. 12-13.

Ozone went undefeated in pool play in our 7 team 2 qualifiers format generally regarded as ‘the format straight from hell’ with a bunch of really great, competitive, spirited games on Saturday and Sunday. Teams fought with heart against us, we fought hard against them, and at the end the spirit circles were really sweet.

Teams from all over the region, near and far (LA, NC, GA, FL, TN), mentioned that they were proud to have us in their region, glad to have gotten a chance to come to NC to show us what they’re all about, and gave us really endearing words of encouragement to take Nationals by storm. =) Thanks, yall. Much respect to all of you. Best Region Ever.

After pool play came the 1st place game vs Phoenix. What a hard fought game against our big regional rival. After so many good battles between each other over the last few years, including one the previous day that went 13-10 in our favor, this was another great game to add to the list. We ended up taking it 13-8 by applying a lot of tight D pressure to cutters and handlers, working hard for each other consistently, and keeping sidelines loud and intense.

It was an amazing feeling to win the Region for the 2nd year in a row. So many feelings. Our team vibe afterwards reflected a certain sense of accomplishment, a sense of having an intangible presence within our region, and an understanding that there was more to do – and much more we were capable of bringing – heading into Nationals.