Ozone 2014 is comin’ up!


Sorry for the lack of detailed 2013 nationals coverage / recap… but here’s a brief one. We came into Day 1 as the 3 in Pool A; went 2-1 (W: Capitals 16-15, Bent 15-9; L: Fury 10-15) to take the 2 spot. Thrilling Day 1 DGP victory over Capitals. New format had everyone go into preQ’s the morning of Day 2. We drew Nemesis (after they had an interesting Day 1). Though we got pretty much crushed (7-15), there were some exciting moments and high energy. This put us in a place where we had to fight to make Pro Flight. Defeated Molly Brown 15-11 along the way to that aim. Then Capitals got their revenge on us in a night game, 8-14. Final standing: tied for 9th (w/ Nightlock).

It was a fun and fascinating season filled with learning on a lot of different levels. Results-wise, coming out of a season having beaten 2 of the 4 eventual 2013 Nationals semifinalists along the way (one of them being the 2013 champs) is just a peek at our potential and abilities.

The planning has begun for 2014! Stay tuned! and thanks for y’all’s continued support!