Ozone 2012!

Here we go, Ozone!

With pre-season team meeting complete, we’d like to introduce you to our 2012 captains: ¬†Meredith Leahy, Allison Snow, and Liz Duffy. We are also excited to welcome on board Coach Kate Leslie.

Be sure to contact the captains if you’re interested in trying out for the team this year!

Updated dates for upcoming events:

Ozone / Chain Exhibition Scrimmage at HS State Championships :: Apr 28, ~ 12:45pm @ Georgia Soccer Park

Competitive Womens Scrimmage :: either Apr 28¬†or 29 in the pm — stay tuned for details!

HS Womens Clinic :: Apr 29 am, before Womens HS State Championships begins ~ 10:30am

Ozone Tryouts :: May 19-20 and June 2-3 — all invite only.

If you have any questions, contact the captains and/or coach.