Nationals. Day 4.


Masters finals happened Saturday, but Surly won again (over Beyondors).

Sunday, men’s first. Revolver won big over Ironside.

Mixed next. Interesting matchup betw 2 SF teams – Polar Bears – youngsters looking to repeat vs new team Blackbird who didn’t really practice much… Blackbird won 17-16. not sure what that means about the mixed div, but whatever. Bucket, looks like what you’ve been trying to achieve has been achieved. sorry bout it. =)

Womens. Didn’t stay til the end (left just after half). Looked like a domination by Fury when I was there, but final score indicates some sort of comeback by Riot. 15-13 was the final. I also don’t know what a 6x National Champ means about the women’s div, but whatev…

Congrats to all the Champs, and to all the teams for making it an exciting USAU Club Championships.