Nationals. Day 3.

Fighting for 9th.

1st game v Brute. Went up 8-4. Things were clicking, Ds were working, mentally things seemed good. Then we had some lulling as they ramped up and scored a bunch of breaks in a row. We lost DGP 12-13 … really thought we were going to pull that one out at the last minute w/ the D line we put in at 12-12, but alas. No. Gotta hate losing that way b/c it reflects a mental breakdown or casualness or leadership failure (of course, it also means our opponents did some things right). But… Sucky.

Started the 1st game in a drizzly grey setting, but the day was starting to clear up by the 2nd half. We milled about, put that game behind us, and got ready to play our last game together as Ozone 2011.

Further beat RevoLOUtion in the other game, so we got a rematch vs Revo. We dominated, winning 14-7.

11th! hm.

Post game huddle was preceded by some team photos and a relay race brought to us by Duffles. Rooks vs vets. Line at one end, upended discs w/ beer or choc milk about 15 yds away. Sprint, dive to disc, drink w/o using hands (pourers tipped the disc for you), sprint back and tag. I don’t even know who actually won the relay, but as Duffy and I were trying to figure out if there were even #s of people on the teams as the race progressed, we also stood in line in case either team needed someone to go twice. We decided everything was even at 12 per line, but as they were finishing up Duff suggestively asked, “Wanna just go for fun?” Hell yeah. I got up from drinking a millisecond before Duffy, we sprinted hard back to our teams who were basically one big clump of cheering teammates at this point, and both layed out to the finish line. Epic.

Ozone, I’m proud of us. Even though there were disappointments, we had lots of moments of awesomeness, and we progressed to become a better team by the end of the tournament. I expect a lot from us and from each of my teammates, and it’s sometimes too much to ask, I guess. I can also recognize that we won a lot of mental battles w/ ourselves and put a LOT of things together to come together as a team more than we have in many many years. I was excited to see it all come together, and overall proud of the process by which things did.


PS – yeah, we watched some of semis after that.

Fury v Caps looked less than exciting w/ Fury up by a bunch when we got over there. Phoenix v Riot had just started, and looked to be relatively exciting though Riot scored a couple off the bat and were seemingly in control. Chain v Ironside was looking bad for the boys when we arrived – down by a bunch. Revolver v Doublewide – looked like Revolver was in control and maintaining it pretty handily.

We did a lot of cheering for Chain, and they strung together some breaks in a row to get it close then even go up 15-14. Jolian was huge in that comeback – after a weird front endzone cone drop by Ironside right in front of us, he picked it up, threw a full crossfield backhand and Joel and his defender both dove for it w/ Joel coming up w/ the catch for the score. He then caught the next goal. And then threw a huge IO flick huck for the next point. Crazy. Unfortunately, even though Chain had a chance at DGP, they came up short and Ironside advanced to the Finals vs Revolver.

For the women, it would be Fury vs Riot after both teams basically crushed their semis opponents.