Nationals. Day 2.

Friday. What an unfortunate situation we put ourselves in for Day 2. Lots to fight for, also relying on another team to beat a team you lost to the day before. And it was a bit drizzly. ick.

Came out strong against DeSoto. They played well, though, and fought. I’m proud of that little team from our Section and happy that they got to come play at Nationals.

After winning that game, we were all glued to the game next door – Nemesis vs RevoLOUtion. A Regional final rematch (Nemesis won at Regionals by a couple then). What we needed was for it to be close (DGP ideal) and for Nemesis to come out on top. Then, we would be in control of our own destiny in the following game vs Nemesis – win by the correct margin, force the 3 way tie, win by point diff, and we move up to pre-q’s.

I think Revo took half 8-7 but can’t remember for sure. lots of second half trading, some breaks here and there, several lead changes. It was starting to get late in the game, and I was def getting nervous. Nemesis seemed ok but a little rattled as they were up late, but Revo was not about to give up. I don’t even remember what happened, but my innards were screaming No no no as Revo pulled ahead and ended it 15-13.

Sigh. And with that, we were out of contention for the top 8.

We readjusted our goals. Nemesis game still a must win for our mental game and our pride. We could still fight for 9th, and that would still be a great goal for us to achieve mentally. We ended up winning the game 16-14. I’ll provide some more details once reunited w/ the stat sheets, but it was a big mental victory for us as it’s really tough to keep the intensity and drive going when you know the game doesn’t really “matter” anymore. We did it. Good work, Ozone.

Revo and DeSoto played a pretty close game next door, too, and I was again proud of the Nashville ladies for fighting hard. Looked like maybe Revo was starting to run out of gas. And it showed in their pre-q game vs Showdown. I only watched til a little past half, but SD was running and gunning, winning their matchups, and overall looking much stronger than Revo. Revo looked way more fatigued – I still saw some run through blocks but the weird blady throws weren’t getting caught as frequently and deep shots were being overthrown more. Showdown’s experience and depth won out there. Meanwhile next door as the drizzle continued, our Bucket friends were struggling vs Amp. Had a good little comeback, but things were not looking great as we were leaving (they ended up losing). In the other women’s pre-q, Caps beat Brute in their little regionals rematch to move up.

So… for the women’s bracket, that set up:

Riot v Showdown, Scandal v Phoenix, Traffic v Capitals, and Fury v Molly Brown for the quarters. Very interesting.