Moved up a couple notches…

Well, Ozone, the season has come to a close. We came in seeded 14th to the first rebranded USAU Club Championships, and after a hard-fought weekend emerged 12th. =)

We had a tough go of it, but I’m proud of us. We were missing Sophie Darch the first day of play due to weather in ATL first delaying then causing cancellations of her flights from Eugene. We could’ve used our young star for sure. But people stepped up. We had some trouble starting out the day against a physical and fast team, Traffic, from Vancouver. Then gave Brute Squad a run for their money taking half on them 8-6. Unfortunately a few errant lofty passes and a couple low percentage IO backhand hucks allowed them to get a bunch of breaks to take the lead in the 2nd half. For one of our 2nd half scores, Meredith Leahy had a sick layout catch (w/ Jess Blanton also laying out on D) just outside the endzone that resulted in an offensive foul call by Jess (yikes) and a broken wrist by Mer, as well as a score (I’m pretty sure) after all was said and done. At 11-14, we threw in an unusual twist as the D team rushed down w/ Cupasaurus. Brute looked startled as they overthrew a deep receiver, and Angela Lin came up w/ the D. Unfortunately, Ozone couldn’t convert, and the game ended 11-15. Our final game of Thurs was against Pop from Minneapolis. We handled the game relatively smoothly, though there were a few bumps along the way due to fatigue and an unusual 5 person cup that we challenged ourselves to throw over the top (largely unsuccessfully). I think we won 15-10.

Friday, we faced the lower crossover of Popl A – RevoLOUtion and Showdown. RevoLOUtion game went 15-6 and not super memorably. Then we faced Showdown in the game to go to the prequarter. Between games we talked about coming out strong from the start (instead of our typical flat start then decent play in the 2nd half), but couldn’t really walk the walk. We went down several and dug ourselves into a huge hole that we weren’t able to fill. I’m now writing this months later, so details escape me. But the score was 15-10. We always love playing and hanging out with our southern compatriots, but I’m def getting a little tired of losing to them. They’re a great, fun team, and as we were knocked down to the 9-12 bracket, we took our southern pride to the sidelines to cheer for them as they went up against a tough Nemesis team in the preq. This was quite a game. Both teams exhibited fatigue as is always the case in the preqs. I consider this game the most brutal part of the Championship series. 3rd game of the 2nd day, and winner gets the privilege of taking on the 1 or 2 seed the next morning in quarters. sheesh. It went to double game point after a couple notable layout Ds in different points by Katey Forth and Amanda Berens. And I’m pretty sure Showdown had the disc to win, but couldn’t put it in. Nemesis defended their Central Region pre-Nationals trash talk by knocking out the remaining Southern Region team in the field.

Sat: Fun times in the 9-12 bracket. We had a down and up and down game vs Molly Brown. Down a bunch at the start (we really need to do something about that), went on a run at the beginning of the second half, let them go on a run to tie it up, lost at double game point 11-12. Damn. Meanwhile Showdown appeared to be taking care of business vs Bent, but just after we finished our game, Bent seemed to go on a run to cause a DGP situation over there w/ SD receiving for the win. They blew it! So another game vs SD for us – for 11th – while Bent and Molly Brown played for 9th. Sigh. We tried to play seriously, but it was hard. SD had a donald duck point (w/ spandex). We almost did an underwear point, but for the sake of India’s little brother and grandparents, we refrained. Final 7-11. We’re 12th!!

Exhausted and relieved to have made it, our team enjoyed the rest of the day watching semis, going to the beach, and having some beverages. Spin had us over at the joint Spin/VC house for a happy hour. Then we met up with a ton of people at Dacquiri Deck. Showdown was dressed in Disney costumes. People were enjoying the end of the season.

Sun: finals day. I watched most of the womens final (missed the beginning when fury went up a bunch – 6-0). It was a good one. Capitals put up a fight after the initial part. I made a bunch of twitter updates during the semis and finals, so for details check there. Winners are fascinating. Fury, Revolver, Polar Bears – congrats to the Bay Area for sweeping the USAU Championships 2010!