Fusion and Championship Series Preview

Check out our Fusion schedule and “watch” us online!

Also, end of regular season USAU Top 25:

Our last regular season tournament, which was a 4-3 weekend at ECC (wins over Brute 14-9, Showdown 14-13, Pop 14-8, Nemesis 15-5; losses to Riot 10-11, Fury 6-15, Scandal 11-12) in which we tied for the 2nd best record after poolplay (unfortunately losing out to Riot in the head to head to face Fury in the Finals), put us ranked 8th going into the end of the regular season. After other teams competed at LDUC, that ranking didn’t change though some of the teams ranked above us switched around a little.

Still unclear to us how our Fusion and Regionals results will be impacting rankings and how seedings etc will be determined for Nationals… but… hopefully all will be clarified soon. =)

Meanwhile, we’re super excited for Fusion, WL clinics, and Regionals!