EDGE Ultimate Camp: 1st Ever Pro Training Camp for Ultimate!

This June, the professional trainers at EDGE Ultimate are teaming up with Atlanta’s Chain Lightning and Ozone to host the EDGE Ultimate Training Camp.  This unique week-long camp is the first ever to focus on significantly improving a player’s ultimate-specific athletic performance, as well as working on skills and strategy. Camp will be held June 11-16, 2012, in Duluth, GA (just outside Atlanta).

The EDGE camp takes a holistic approach to making you a better ultimate athlete.  In addition to using a wide array of very cool, advanced training equipment applied to resistance, overspeed and reaction drills, you will learn about how to plan your training schedule, prevent injury, prepare for and recover from competition, and get proper sport-specific nutrition.  And all that on top of practice sessions and scrimmages with your Chain Lightning and Ozone coaches.

At EDGE camp, the goal of our training is to help you to achieve:

  • Faster direction changes on cuts
  • Improved footwork for defense
  • Increased explosiveness on layouts
  • Higher vertical jump
  • Quicker lateral movements for marking and pivoting
  • Improved power on hucks

The EDGE Partnership with Chain Lightning & Ozone:

Resistance techniques employed by EDGE Ultimate have been used to train NCAA and professional football and basketball players for 20 years (including over 1,000 NFL players), as well as athletes in nearly every other sport.  Chain Lightning has recently partnered with EDGE to help apply their proven training techniques to the sport of ultimate, as well as to develop new exercises that are specifically beneficial to ultimate players.  In a very short time working with EDGE trainers, our players already feel quicker, faster, more explosive, and more stable than in any other pre-season training program.  We are confident that the EDGE camp will also help you achieve these benefits and elevate your game to a higher level.

Who is the camp for:

  • Competitive high school players
  • College players
  • Club, masters and grand masters players looking for another level of explosiveness
  • Coaches, team captains or team trainers interested in improving their team’s overall fitness
  • Anyone who wants to improve their ultimate performance, training and skills

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