Interested in coaching a club team?

Ozone, a USAU pro flight national contending team, is searching for an engaging, motivating coach to take us to the next tier of competitive ultimate and mental aptitude. If you are interested in coaching a high level women’s ultimate team and want the opportunity to impart your knowledge and strategy this is an exciting and challenging opportunity. With this experience comes the prospect to collaborate and advise a group of strong, athletic, intelligent women. We are ready to work hard and contribute all aspects of our ultimate game under your direction. Specific qualifications we are seeking include:

• Coaching experience and/or player development/experience.
• Innovative views on strategy and competition and the ability to contribute these at tournaments, in games, and during practice.
• Assertive communication in group and individual settings
• Interest in creating a cohesive team unit between players and increasing overall team mental toughness.
• Open, stable executive skills to guide and manage player personalities and team chemistry.

If you are interested in partaking in this adventure with Ozone for the 2013 season and would like to discuss the details of the position further please contact