Chesapeake 2013 Recap

Hey fans,

Thanks to those of you who supported us last weekend at the Chesterpeake Invite by ‘watching from home’ via fb, twitter, scorereporter, and all the social medias. You’re the brest. =)

Here’s the score reporter results page for the 2013┬áChesapeake Invite.

Saturday 8/10/13 we went 4-0 with wins over Philly Green Means Go, Pittsburgh Hot Metal, NY Bent, and DC Scandal in that order. Last two games vs Bent and Scandal were both DGP wins. In both, D team strung together some late game breaks to get us on top and put O team in to receive on DGP.

Sunday 8/11/13 –

Semis vs Green Means Go after they won the 4-5 play-in game on DGP to make it to the semis. Fun and spirited game, ending in 15-10 victory for us.

Finals vs Scandal. We scored an early break, they broke right back, some trading occurred, and they took half 6-8. we struggled to challenge their break side mid- and long-distance shots. They put on a bunch of D pressure – downfield and backfield. Game stayed pretty tight early in the 2nd half – we brought it to 11-12 after getting one of those breaks back somewhere in there. At 11-12, we got a scoring opportunity to tie it up – D team worked it up to redzone, but too much traffic pushing through the passing lanes resulted in Scandal getting a goal line block. They converted fast break-ish style. And we didn’t score again. Final 11-15.

Congrats to the Chesapeake Invite champs, Scandal! Good work avenging your Saturday loss to us. I guess we can still be sister teams – after all, sisterly rivalries are where it’s at? =) East Coast Beast Coast.