Rent-an-Ozoner Fundraiser

a continuous fundraising event.

Please email if you are interested in renting 2 Ozoners (we come in pairs). We are suggesting donation prices of $65/2 hours or $80/3 hours.

I am your friendly neighborhood Ozoner. During the times when I am not practicing hard, throwing it deep, or skying another attractive lady like myself, I am interested in earning some extra cash for my team.

Some of the things I can do for you include:

-weed your yard or garden!
-plant trees!
-mow your yard!
-trim your bushes!
-turn your compost!
-watch your kids and babies!
-wash your car!
-cook for you!
-play checkers with your grandma/grandpa!
-teach your cat to high-five!
-rearrange your living room furniture! (improved household efficiency!)
-put in a light bulb! (yes! It only takes one of us!)
-give you compliments while YOU do things! (I am filled with supportive phrases!)
I am a hard worker and would LOVE to hear from you!


Ozone 2012