6th at Chesapeake

Ozone spent a good weekend up in the DC area getting more reps in on the offensive movements and defensive sets we’re implementing this year. Kyle was with us and provided much needed guidance, goal setting, stat keeping, sub calling, and overall support.

Saturday, we went 2-2. Defeated Showdown (TX) at double game point. Beat DeSoto (Nashville), our other in-region competition. Lost to Scandal (DC area) and Hot Metal (Pittsburgh). Ended our day at 100% in the redzone, which is an awesome success.

Sunday, our little team came out looking to do some damage against Phoenix (NC), but needed a bit of something more. We lost that quarters game something like 8-13, and headed into the 5-8 placement games. Beat Top Shelf (ATL). Then lost to Showdown (TX) to end at 6th overall.