3rd at Boston Invite

Boston Invite at Devens, MA, June 25-26, 2011. Sorry for the late posting.

We got off to a slow Saturday morning first game vs. Capitals but started pulling some things together throughout the day and into Sunday. After pool play Saturday at 3-1 (W: Bent, Storm, Hot Metal; L: Capitals) we were 2nd in Pool B. Faced PPF in quarters, and beat them handily. Then Scandal in the semis. Tight game. Got 2 breaks near the beginning of the 2nd half, but then let them break us twice after that. Ended up losing 13-15. Brute and Capitals were in the other semi w/ Capitals being the victors (and eventual tournament champs). We played Brute in an abbreviated game (lots of our team had early-ish flights home) that we won on DGP 9-8! Thought doesn’t look like that result was reported.

Full results here:


Let’s keep ramping it up the ramp hole!