2nd at Terminus.

Terminus – July 23-24, 2011. After 2 grueling days in the Atlanta heat down at Georgia Soccer Park, Phoenix came out on top over us in the finals. However, lots of positive improvements made since Boston despite not having any July practice weekends. Good job, Ozone.

a quick breakdown of the finals: We started on D and came out w/ a solid and exciting break. They scored the 2nd point, but we not w/o us getting chance (or two?) to go up 2 breaks. We got another early break, but then they evened it up w/ a couple breaks shortly after, and half ended 6-7 on serve. As the heat continued to beat down on us in the 2nd half, we broke to tie 10-10, then they scored 3 in a row to beat us 10-13. Lots of sun. No wind. Not a lot of zone played by either team – mostly a lot of athletic man defense and offense. Both offenses looked good at times … and not so good other times.¬†They had Tully over there calling strategic timeouts. We had laminated sub cards – kickin it like the pro fb qb cheatsheets – and a bunch of fans. Great game overall. I was proud of us for coming out strong and fired up at the start and staying focused. Too bad about the outcome, but we learned many things. “Best game of the tournament,” claimed the Tunnells, who were torn about who to cheer for.

Ozone ended the tournament w/ an old cheer made famous in the good ole days when Ozone was a new team coming out of the South. “No Hain no gain, no wood no good, no guts no glory, no fun no fun… Oooooooozone!!” Lisa Kotora came up to me afterwards and said that the Top Shelf ladies appreciated that turn back the clock moment and were wondering who all on the current roster actually knew that cheer still. PS I still don’t know how Hain is spelled, but it’s an old nickname for Chris O’Cleary.