2014 USAU post-season finish: 5th!!


As usual, a long overdue post about Ozone’s final tournament of the 2014 season, the USAU National Championships, where we finished 5th!

We went 2-1 in pool play on Thurs Oct 16 with wins over Capitals (14-13) and Schwa (also 14-13) and a loss to Brute Squad (11-15, but much closer at half). All hard-fought games. Obviously the DGP ones always are. But vs Brute, we gave their offense some mental trouble in the first half – making them commit some turns with a junk and generally making them think a bit. We couldn’t close the gap in the 2nd half after a pretty close 1st half.

We got a rematch (from 2013) prequarter matchup vs Nemesis on Fri morning Oct 17. We felt pretty strong going into the game and tried to stick to our basics – use the width of the field particularly at redzone, trust each other, put it big to our speedy receivers, apply a lot of pressure on unders on D. We earned ourselves a 15-10 final score (8-5 at half), with breaks early and late in the game.

Next up was quarters vs. Riot on Friday afternoon. I think we were a bit nervous but excited going into the game. We knew we would have to contend with a team that makes a lot of great deep space for their fast cutters downfield and handlers who would not be afraid to put it up to those receivers. We knew that we could challenge those things with our downfield D and marks. And we knew that our offensive abilities to be patient and dynamic would challenge any of their defenses. First half was pretty tight. Predominantly person coverage from both teams, with a small smattering of zoney/junky points and some handler sagging from both defenses. Both teams moved the disc quite well. Riot scored a relatively early break, but we broke back later to tie at 6s, and they took half at 6-8. We came out nervous/flat off halftime, giving up a couple breaks right away. Though we continued to work diligently on O and pressure hard on D, they turned it up in the 2nd half and were able to outmatch our efforts, ending the game at 15-9.

Next up was vying for 5th. We had a Friday afternoon hotly contested “Fifth semis” game vs Traffic. It contained a lot of tension, both teams having lost in the quarters just a few hours before. We took half solidly 8-4. 2nd half they made a push with a string of breaks to come within one at 10-9. We were able to hold them off for the win 15-12.

Saturday Oct 17 – our last game of the tournament – playing for 5th place vs Showdown. We took half 8-5. It was a little windy. We pressured their handlers with some variable sag/tight Ds. They gave us a bit of a scare early in the 2nd half by going on a run of breaks, but we answered back with a run of breaks of our own. Final score 15-11 to take 5th place in the nation!

We’re excited for what the Pro Flight might have in store for the 2015 season!