2014 is Here

Ozone is excited about the 2014 club season!We are pleased to announce that Chris Goodson will be joining us for a second year as coach and our 2014 captains will be Angela Lin and Alison “AD” Douglas! In addition to Coach Goodson and our captains, the tryout selection committee will be Miranda Knowles, Haley Reese, Kirsten Shell, and Katherine Wooten.

Ozone will kick off the season with a Women’s Combine Saturday, May 3rd in Atlanta. We’ll be getting together an outstanding group of athletic talent from all over the southeast region for an afternoon of competitive women’s ultimate. We’ll host a few drills, but look forward to a day of mostly scrimmages. The following day, Sunday, May 4th, Ozone will be hosting full team open tryouts. This year Ozone is also excited to develop another Atlanta Women’s Team, where we can help encourage and develop the already talented and growing women’s programs in and around Atlanta. No matter what level of experience you may have or what position you play, we are looking for good hardworking players with a team-building attitude. Stay tuned for further details and posts to come and click here to receive more information about the Women’s Combine or New Atlanta Women’s Team.

Email ozone.captain at gmail dot com if you’re interested in attending the combine, trying out, or if you have any questions!!

Save the dates:

May 3 Saturday – Atlanta Women’s Ultimate Combine
May 4 Sunday – Ozone Open Tryout

May 10 Saturday – Ozone Invite-Only Tryout 1 (Day 1)
May 11 Sunday – Ozone Invite-Only Tryout 1 (Day 2)

May 17 Saturday – Ozone Invite-Only Tryout 2 (Day 1)
May 18 Sunday – Ozone Invite-Only Tryout 2 (Day 2)