2013 March Madness Fundraiser!

It’s time for Ozone’s 1st Annual March Madness Fundraiser!
Please forward to anyone you think may be interested.
$10 a bracket, you can enter up to 3. Powered by yahoo tourney pick em. Here’s the link to join. Group ID 29744, passwd atlozone1 in case the link doesn’t work.
Paypal to ozone.treasurer@gmail.com (personal payment to avoid fees) or send a check written to Kate Wilson mailed to 2015 Robson Pl., Atlanta, GA 30317.
Winner gets 34.5% of the total $ and runner up 8%. The rest helps get us through our 2013 season. top 3 each also get a piece of Ozone gear.
Caveat: I love combining things, especially games and contests. So, you have to submit a women’s bracket, too, in order to win the pool.
Here’s the link to our group for that portion of the challenge. Group ID 721, passwd atlozone1.
Answers to some questions that I’ve already gotten:
34.5 = 69/2 (clearly a winner) and 8 is my favorite #. Might be a bit arbitrary =) and who wants to be the 2nd loser, am I right?
It’s not any extra $ to complete a women’s bracket. But in order to win cash prizes you must complete one (doesn’t matter the outcome). We’re trying to promote a little bit of gender equity here ok people? Go watch some womens basketball.
Additional awesome prizes tbd for women’s pool winner and combo winner!!